New for 2019!


Mega SUP!

A brand new activity we have for 2019 is Mega Stand up Paddle Boarding. Imagine a large surf board that fits 6-8 children. Together with communication and balance they can explore the Lake. A great platform for some fun and games, or even waterbased orienteering!




Sea Level Traversing

The Sea Level Traverse is a classic feature of Humphrey Head outdoor programmes. The headland marks where the Lake District meets the sea and overlooks the vast Morecambe Bay. We scramble with our hands and feet, close to the ground trying not to fall off (though it’s not far onto sand if we do!). If there was ever a perfect natural climbing gym, then here it is.


Raft Building 

At Humphrey Head we love raft building. It’s a chance for young people to design, create something together with their classmates and then play with it. It’s got a bit of everything: set skills, design, taking a role, and adventure (will it work?!)


Ghyll Scambling 

Ghyll Scrambling is all about exploring the mountain environment, however with a bit of a twist. Instead of simply observing the beautiful environment, we get into it. Working your way up the gorge requires hands and feet, teamwork and independence and is fantastic fun!



Bushcraft is a great way to engage with the environment. It gets you from the aesthetics of looking at what is ‘pretty’, to how the natural environment could, and did furnish us with all we needed. Fire making is a great skill and building a shelter encourages us to think about our needs and the weather. 



We are so lucky at Humphrey Head that the biggest lake in England, Windermere, is a short drive away. The hills come right down to the water, making this a truly spectacular place to try canoeing for the first time.


Rock Climbing and Abseiling

A few minutes drive from Humphrey Head is a fantastic Climbing and Abseiling venue. It’s privately booked so your group will definitely be able to use it alone.



Orienteering is a fantastic opportunity for your young people to pick up some skills whilst having a great time and exploring the environment. Orienteering involves using a map to find hidden places in the woodlands and fields of the headland. 



With limestone, grassland, moorland and woodland all around us, earthwalk is a great way to explore Geography in a hands-on way. We are all very good at looking at our environment but what about how it smells? How it feels? What sound it makes? What it tastes like? Using a guided set of fun exercises, the young people return with a whole new vocabulary which describes what this environment is like.


Hill Walking

Reaching a fabulous view is the win here; looking down over the lakes and beyond to the sea give an amazing sense of place. 


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